Last night we had Youth Group and I found our theme for the night extremely interesting, Prayer. It was a Youth Group Live night so their were “saints” that came in and we actually had the hosts’ son that is visiting Europe on FaceTime. He got to go see former pope, Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI before he resigned, he got to go see a lot of churches that had Saints in them. Like Saint Maria Goretti and Saint Maxamillian Kobe. He also got to see relics of other Saints. 

   As the host of the Youth Group Live night was talking about Prayer and he said this story that kind of related to me. At a school nearby there was a teacher who was Catholic, she asked her students to write ( just for fun ) a prayer. One of the students looked at her and said that they didn’t know how to write a prayer. Because they didn’t write them they just said them. The student was also Catholic. He stressed to us the need of “pray  without ceasing” ( 1 Thessalonians 5 ). A lot of kids were confused by the fact that he was meaning don’t stop praying. But he explained that we need to pray during our sporting events, at home and at school.

He stressed extremely that we always need to pray for those who persecute us, “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 5:44). Which can be really really hard for people. I know its hard for me. Because I never thought about praying for the people who bullied me or hurt me. Unless it for them to go out of my life or something like that. But then a question popped in my head, What if I pray for the ones who persecute me, maybe God will make them stop and they will find Jesus into their hearts!  I have been pondering on that question for about a day now and I’ve been praying for all those who have hurt me in the past. Whether it was in Elementary school, Middle school, or even High School. Maybe that will let me forgive those who I have not been able to forgive yet. 

The host made an AWESOME acronym for how to pray which helped me a lot. Because I had just had my conversion and was uncertain how to pray. I had seen, watched, and heard teens and the Youth Ministers pray but I was confused on how they came up with the words to say. So the acronym helped tremendously. PTI. P- Praise- Praise God. Praise God for waking you up this morning, Praise Him for the friends you have at work or school. T- Thanksgiving- Thank God for all He has done for you. Thank Him for giving you get parents, or getting a good grade on an exam. I- Intercession- Ask God. Ask God to show you the right path. This will always be with me.

At the end of the night they gave us a challenge for the week! Across the country schools have been doing this and so we started the game! Everybody that was at Youth Group last night got 10 clothes pins and we had to write our names on one side and on the other side we had to write 10 different prayers. Then we split up into our different schools to see who we could pin. The purpose of the game is to find someone in the halls or in class and clothes pin them and within the first 5 minutes of getting the clothes pin you had to say the prayer that was on your pin. It’s actually a fun game!!   Image


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