Praise Jesus in the Good and Bad Times

It’s hard to believe that the school year is about over. And of course Youth Group is now over for the school year. I mean, can you believe it? I can’t! But as Monday morning came and the day was going on I thought about the year I had with the Youth Group. Which was a pretty eventful year. 

In September I went to church before my first Youth Group and in church I was crying because I was so nervous for Youth Group. I mean meeting new people is pretty intimating and nerve wracking. But I met Melissa right after church and she introduced me to a girl that goes to my school, and we basically hung out the whole night while she introduced me to a bunch of people. I remembered like 6 names when the night was over. That night, I met some pretty interesting people. Most of them are CRAZY! But the one who I thought was the most crazy is now my Best Friend. It was a fun-filled night full of games, laughter, and dancing.

Then there was Fall Retreat. The best weekend of my life so far! I had my conversion, I opened up more and that weekend was just amazing. I still have dreams about that weekend. God changed my life, like I thought nobody could. But He did! It was for the better defiantly. I changed my life so much after Fall Retreat in November! I changed the music I listen, I changed the clothes I wear, I changed what I read, and how I act. 

Then came the Youth Group Christmas party. Which is how I met my Best Friend Megan. There were different rooms set up for different activities. One was a Just Dance room and they had TV’s set up with a Wii and a Xbox Live and they played Just Dance. Another activity was a cookie decorating room. They had tables set up with cloths down and a bunch of cookie, icing, and sprinkles and my friends and I went into that room. We decorated our cookies and as we were leaving I heard a girl say something about One Direction. And I flipped out! I was like “Alright, who said something about One Direction?” and a girl raised her hand and I knew we were going to be friends after that. Because hardly anyone was into One Direction like us. So we started talking and now we talking everyday almost all day. She keeps me inline and I keep her in check!

Then there were those Youth Group Live nights that just got me. They either hit home, or were just very inspirational. I felt like the speakers that came in were like speaking just to me or had been through some hard time that I was either going through or have been through and just haven’t talked to anybody about it. 

After a full year of Fun, Laughter, Joy, Friends, and just amazing times it was the End of the Year party. It was a fun party but I hated that it was the last one till the summer. The theme of this crazy night was Disney. And we had Minute to Win It games. And we even got to dress up like out favorite animated Disney Character. I hung out with my other Best Friend Cat and we couldn’t stop laughing the whole night. 

This year has brought me Joy and Sorrow, just because I would keep feelings in till I just cried it out and I would never talk about it and then all of a sudden I found and met these amazing people that cared enough to listen. I think that’s why we need to Praise God in good times but also rough times. Because in the rough times that I had before Youth Group there was a light at the end of the tunnel. The light was me seeing that Jesus Christ is the only one who can now make me happy and all I want to do now in life is Glorify God. All Glory goes to God who has brought these people in my life who have been by my side for a year and hopefully years to come.Image



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