Inner and Outer Beauty

School is out and Summer has officially begun. As I walk around or even go on any of my Social Media I see girls with their bikinis on and I begin to put myself down about my own body. “Your so much fatter than these girls”, “Why can’t you look like her.”, “You aren’t good enough, you don’t look like them.” I always take these thoughts in my head to heart. I mean what teen girl doesn’t?

People are being bullied because they don’t have that “perfect” body. To where girls think they have to starve themselves, vomit, or even cut themselves because of what people say or make fun of them.

You go watch TV, you don’t see any average sized girls in any movie, any news broadcast, or any TV show ( and I could name a few ). You see girls with what society calls the “perfect body” A body where you can see hip bones, collar bones, and every other bones that probably shouldn’t be visible. Society is a never ending of negative thoughts, and I have learned that if you hear it so much you’re going to start believing it.

Society tells us, if you’re not eating you’re anorexic or bulimic, If you are eating your either have Binge Eating Disorder or your just too fat. Society tells us this but from past experiences I’ve learned that most of what Society tells us is “true” is really the Devil working in with Society.

But what Society doesn’t know is that God out Beauty not just on the outside of EVERY person alive but He also put it on the inside. True beauty comes with an amazing personality and a good heart, the looks on the outside is just a bonus. Girls in todays Society need to realize ( including me ) that they are Beautiful in God’s eyes no matter what their dress size is, no matter what kind of hair or skin they have, or even what shoe size they are. Because God made you in His image and likeness. Genesis 1:27.



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