Finding your treasure.

Last Wednesday we had another amazing PB&J! It was WATER NIGHT! They had a bunch of water activities and you know you weren’t going home without getting wet. As always we started off with a prayer and ate pizza.

Since I had never gone to any of the PB&J’s before I had no clue what to expect, but all I kept hearing was about this famous water slide. I had no clue what made it so famous, but everybody was talking about it! 

After we ate we all ate, Melissa split all of us into 3 or 4 groups and we went and did our first activity. 6 people out of every group went in a a line behind a bucket. The bucket we noticed had water, ice, and 6 t-shirts. While one of the adult were explaining what we had to do, I was thinking “Oh well, this isn’t that bad, I’ve been in ice bathes before! This outta be easy.” As it was my turn I ran up to my team’s bucket and as I was putting both of my arms through the T-shirt, Melissa came up behind me with a sponge and poured cold ice water all down my back! I was llike “Dang that’s cold!” I put  the shirt on and won for my team! After we had all our shirts on, they called another group up and they did the exact same thing. When everybody was nice wet, and cold Melissa told each group to go somewhere different. My group was the first one to go to the water slide.

As my group was walking up the hill to the top of the slide, all I was thinking was “I can’t make a fool of myself” But as I watched all the older boys run from the road to the edge of the grass, jumping and sliding down the slide. Making complete fools of themselves and having so much fun. So I took my diving abilities and ( didn’t dive ) but I did my arms like I dove into the water and slid down the slide. They put Downy on the slide and dish washing soap so you would slide faster.

After our time at the slide was over we went to a grassy area with white tall buckets of ice cold water and pitchers. We all sat around in a circle and we played Duck Duck Goose but instead of tapping the person on the head, you drip water on them. Instead of tagging for goose you would pour the whole pitcher of  ice cold water on the persons head. It was quit fun and very cold!

Next we went to another grassy area with a bunch of tarps down and they were putting soap on the tarps. We were playing water dodge ball! The balls were in buckets and when the hose person would say go and you would go to your bucket and play dodge ball. I would just hide behind all the boys, and every single round I was the last person in while on the other team had like all there people in. 

After we had our Pizza and fun with the water. We finally sat in the grass and Nick got up with his bible read a a verse. It was about finding your treasure in the field. You go looking to find a different treasure and you get the same result. That’s what we do in our own lives. We go on retreats, conferences and other events to get that “Jesus High” but then it all goes away and we have trouble with our faith. People persecute us, and put down our faith but we gotta tell the people that Jesus still loves them and that He forgives them. We gotta keep Jesus burning within us!Image


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