Eucharisteo – Don’t worry, be thankful 

After reading and finishing the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp I suddenly find myself trusting God more and seeing God more in everyday life. Seeing God in the things my brother does, in what my mom does, my dad, my Grammy, everything.

One particular moment where I saw I was trusting God was when I got on an airplane for the first time in almost a decade and the first time by myself. I didn’t remember how it felt or what happened while fly because I was so young. I got on the plane with no problems and as it started moving I started to get anxious. It stopped and all of a sudden it was going super fast that my head went back to the seat and all I kept thinking was “God’s got this, He knows what’s best for me ” I kept saying that over and over. When we finally got in the air, the pilot would turn the plane and I saw the ground while the other side of the plane saw clouds and blue skies and vise versa, I didn’t know at the time he was turning the plane so I kept repeating in my head “God’s plans are better than my own. God’s got this. And the landing was horrible!! I hated that part. But as the wheels touched down and we skidded on the concrete, “God’s got this” kept playing in my head!
A time where I saw God and noticed that it was Him is when I went to Virginia Beach this weekend. We have people who are super close with our family that we call them family, though they aren’t related to us at all. We call them Granny and Pawpaw and for the longest time I genuinely thought that they were blood relatives. Anyway, Granny is having health issues because of her age so she has good days and bad days. On this particular day she was having a WONDERFUL day! She was singing all the time, she would make us laugh, tell us stories. Even though she couldn’t remember my name, I still felt a bond between her and I. That weekend we ate subs and pickles together, we went to the Pier on the beach and had ice cream together. And in between that I just sat and watched as she sang with not a care in the world. She has a hard life and doesn’t remember a lot, but she always has a smile on her face, radiates joy when she’s talking, and is always blinged out with rings with big stones in them, bracelets that are sparkly and some bracelets jingle, and with her finest necklace and earrings. And that’s on any given day, good or bad. And that’s all God radiating from her beautiful soul.
I learned something from Granny this weekend. I learned that you have your good and bad days. You just have to NEVER GIVE UP, because there’s always something to sing about, there’s always something to laugh about, and there’s always something to be thankful for. I learned to Never Give Up, and to always be thankful. And to end this blog, as Granny would say “yeah, man!!”


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