How does God look at YOU?

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of “Where is God?”, “Is God really listening to me?”, “I feel like my prayers are hitting the ceiling and coming back down to me.”, etc. In the recent months, even weeks, I’ve had some of these same questions. “Is God really with me?”, “Does God REALLY listen to me?”. I especially have these questions if I like ask for patience or that a certain situation goes as planned and it doesn’t happen perfectly or immediately I tend to doubt God.

Lately I’ve been insanely addicted to Bethel Music, more specifically Ever Be. It talks about how “Your Praise will ever be on my lips”, how He is always faithful; through the storm and rain and through the happy times and sunshine, that He pledges to always be by our side and that’s why “Your Praise will ever be on my lips”. Lately when singing or even just hearing the song, I feel like God is sitting right in front of me. When I sing it, I can imagine God sitting in front of me looking at me like a proud Father admiring His daughter. Live I’ve just won a Grammy or my name was just put in the Hall of Fame. I see Him smiling with a soft smile while singing and giving Him my all. Singing at the top of my lungs while home alone, I see Him watching me like He’s at a concert. Like when we go see Carrie Underwood, One Direction, Ben Rector, or whoever we like, and how awe-struck we are tat we even got tickets. How happy we are to be there!

Do you know that feeling? Feeling like you’ve won the lottery because you’re in the same room as Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran because you look up to them. Or being in the front row and touching the hands of Tim McGraw or Justin Bieber and saying you’ll never wash your hands again. That’s how God feels about YOU. Yes, YOU! You are the star of His World. You’re His Prince/Princess. His Daughter/Son. Like, just think, you are royalty. Your Heavenly Father is the King of Kings and you being His Son/Daughter only makes you a Prince/Princess. I remember as a little girl I would dream of being like Cinderella when I grew up, only to realize when I got older that I was so much more than that! I was born a Princess!! How cool is that?

My prayer for you this week is that every single person who reads this, who doesn’t read this, who believes in God and those who don’t, know or start to realize how important you are to God. How much He so dearly loves you. That, when He looks at YOU, He only looks at you with kind, loving, and admiring eyes. He’s smiling at you, telling you how proud He is of you for getting that job, making that good test grade, for helping out the older person with whatever they needed help with, or for something as simple as making it through another day when you thought you couldn’t. He loves YOU and He cares for YOU deeply. I hope you know that. God bless.


god hugging meChrist hugging manjesus-girl_k7q2kpuupictures-of-jesus-greg-olson-way-of-joy


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