How to find pure Joy!!

Since I graduated ( May 22, 2015 ) and after the party and people left. I was lost. I didn’t have my license at the time so I was home basically 24/7 except for the hour of Mass on Sunday’s and the hour and a half on Wednesday nights for Youth Group and work. I’m gonna be completely honest, I got really depressed being home alone all the time. It got to the point where I would only get out of bed to go to work and I would come back home and get back in bed, and same with going to church. It got really bad.
I had been reading this book someone bought me called One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I noticed throughout the book that the main character would choose to be joyful during hard times. Like when the child got hurt and had to go to the E.R. she looked for the good things that came out of it. Or when her and her son got in an argument, her and her son both figured out happy things they could do together. So the question I have now is, is the joy feeling really a choice?
After many months I decided to truly find the answer to this question. So starting November 1st, 2015, on Instagram I started I guess a trend. Taking a picture of something that brought me happiness or joy and tell people why it brought me joy. Like the very first day I posted a picture of my puppy, she turned 1 year old November 1st and she brings me so much joy. And on November 7th, I posted a picture of a concert I went to and how hanging out with young adults and listening to my favorite artist brings me so much joy I’m speechless.
This month I’ve really been thinking of something someone once told me. She said “Hayley, God gave you a wonderful gift He doesn’t give a lot of people. The gift of pure Joy! When you’re truly happy, you radiate Christ’s light and radiate Joy! You’re smile is contagious!!” and within these 26 days I’ve learned something that I never knew.
1. Joy doesn’t have to be this big gigantic thing. You can see a flower you like and still feel some kind of joy. It doesn’t have to be big like getting a new car or phone, it could be as simple as getting a text from someone you haven’t talked to in a while or getting coffee with someone.
2. Joy and happiness is a choice. I could wake up in a bad mood and say “well I’m in a bad mood and today’s gonna suck!” and it will automatically be a horrible day because I said it was gonna be at 8am. Or I could totally wake up in a bad mood and say “Well I’m in a bad mood and how am I gonna change that? Because God woke me up this morning and gave me this beautiful day to change someone’s life!!” Because it’s like all within your mind. You choose, Today are you gonna have a joyful and good day? or are you gonna have a miserable day?
Because at the end of the day, is whatever you’re in a bad mood with gonna matter? Is it gonna matter at the end of the week? You could moan and groan about it or you can look the issue in the face and scream “MY GOD IS BIGGER THAN YOU!!”
My prayer for you this week is that you are given many opportunities to chose joy in everyday of your life! That you get a closer relationship with God by choosing joy. That through choosing joy you become closer with family and friends and maybe even rekindle some relationships through this! You are loved, worth it and good enough!!! God Bless!!



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