Worship how YOU want to!

I absolutely love Praise and Worship. It’s a time to relax, let The Lord do what He wants to do ( speak to me in some way ) and sing my heart out. I had the privilege of praying and worshipping with a friend and his band tonight, December 4! If you have heard of John Finch, then congrats you know one of the best artist on earth. If not, I want you to look him up now and fall in love with his music like I did and still do!

I had had a rough week, dealing with issues of my own and just needed an escape. I needed to relax. So finally today came and I was stoked to go worship, because every time I had a bad week and did some worship I ALWAYS felt so much better. Like a weight went off my shoulders. So we got there and my best friend and I got in our seats and waited until the concert started. John and his band mates came on stage, and they immediately started playing. I stood there with my arms crossed, not wanting to be distracting to others yet still wanting to worship the way I wanted to. Or in my case, needed to. I noticed Kristine, one of the worship leaders, immediately raised her hands in praise and I was shocked and proud by that. Noticing around the room there were some small children and some older adults that may not have known what she was doing but she took that courageous step and was praising God how she wanted to.

After the first 2 or 3 songs, Kristine started talking about how God wants us. How raising your hands in Praise was like reaching out, wanting God back! I was like “YES I KNOW! BUT HOW WITHOUT DISTRACTING OTHER PEOPLE” after shouting that in my head she said “Just let it out. Meet God right here, cause He’s waiting to meet you!” I then relaxed my arms, uncrossed them, and held them out for God to hold.

Have you ever had that feeling? That feeling that God is just beaming with delight for you. Like He’s saying “You are my daughter. I love you no matter what. I’m so glad you are singing to Me!” Like I said in another blog, it’s like a feeling of a Father admiring His daughter. And I saw Him tonight, in a purple light sitting on the stage, just watching His children worship and sing to Him.

One song they sang was It Is Well by Bethel Music and that song just really spoke to me tonight. Saying “Through it all my eyes are on YOU” That through the ups and downs in life, I will always and forever turn to Our Lord because He will pull you out of whatever situation you are in. No matter how big or small, God can move mountains. Like it says in Romans 8:31 “What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us?” Like nobody matters except the Lord and that’s a beautiful and wonderful thing!

After the concert, Catherine and I stuck around and talked with Kristine and she had said “I love how you guys worshiped! I looked out and saw you guys just singing with your arms open and I loved it!” For me it was kind of unusual because nobody had ever noticed me worshipping before, and if they had, they never told me. She said Cat and I were leaders because when people look at us worshipping with all our hearts, other people are gonna be okay with worshipping like that because they see us. We are leaders. That was a great affirmation. And totally inspired me to keep worshipping the way I want no matter what anyone else is doing. No matter if I get starred at, and get whispers saying “what is she doing?”

I don’t know how worshipping looks for you. Maybe you like kneeling in silence. Maybe you like singing at the top of your lungs a great worship song, like me. Or maybe it’s reading your Bible and journaling. I don’t know, but do it how YOU want to, not how EVERYONE else wants to. Because you aren’t doing it for the the people around you. You aren’t doing it for yourself. You are worshipping to God. You aren’t worshipping anything else but Him! And only He matters!! I challenge you this next week to go to your church and worship the way you want to, or even worship the way you want to in your own home. I also challenge you to memorize that Bible verse (Romans 8:31 “What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us?”) and remember that verse when someone upsets and hurts you. That, that person is human and fails and makes mistakes and that the Lord is the only person who is perfect! Please just build that relationship with Our Lord and He will rock your world!
Go check out John Finch’s music, I promise he will not disappoint! God Bless!!



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