Mary, did you really know?

So today, December 20, 2015, I looked up the Pentatonix Christmas album and hit shuffle while doing some painting. The song, Mary Did You Know, came on and I stopped what I was doing and just sat there listening to the lyrics of the song. Has that ever happened to you? You’re just sitting there listening to a song and it’s like it hits you with a ton of bricks? You listen to it and all these questions pop in your head and some of them can’t even be answered? That’s how I felt when hearing this song.

Previously this morning, I went to mass and the Gospel was about Mary and Elizabeth. So I have been really focused on Mary and when the Angel went to Mary saying she is pregnant with baby Jesus. Then hearing the song about Mary, I had to listen. The first stanza:

“Mary, did you know
that your Baby Boy would one day walk on water?
Mary, did you know
that your Baby Boy would save our sons and daughters?
Did you know
that your Baby Boy has come to make you new?
This Child that you delivered will soon deliver you”

Have you ever thought of it? Did Mary really fully understand and realize Who was in her womb? Like I know that the Angel Gabriel told her that she was going to bore a Son and that He’ll be great and The Son of the Most High ( Luke 1:31 ). But did she really know how popular and great He really would be?

That’s kind of how I view God at first. I had my conversion 4 years ago and I really didn’t know how big God is. To be honest, some times I still wonder, “How big and great is God really?” Is He the elephant that is looking at a speck on a flower, like in Horton Hears A Who? Most times, I think He’s someone still here on earth, though you can’t see Him, He’s still there. Like a Brother, Father, Priest, a Friend.

There are times when I’m down and I sort of doubt God in the midst of how I feel. I doubt how much Power He has. Saying things like the guy next to Him on the cross at His Crucifixion, “If You’re so powerful, why don’t you just help me out of this?” or things like that. But when I’m really on fire for my Faith, I say “You know in the midst of this situation, my God is way bigger than this! My God can move mountains! And satan, you can go back to hell where you came from because my God is King of Kings. You will never be like Him. Because He is my God!”

We, as humans, go from feeling to feeling. We feel sad, confused, happy, angry, all in one day sometimes. And during all these feelings and moods, I can’t help but wonder, while pondering the Announcing of Jesus from Gabriel, how Mary felt. What she was really thinking. And when Jesus was born, did she then know how great her Son really is?

This week, my challenge for you and for myself, is to dive into this next week and really prepare our hearts and minds for Christmas and the birth of Jesus. Sing Christmas songs, read the story of Jesus’ birth, make a birthday cake especially for Jesus like my family does, do whatever it is that will make your heart ready for the coming of Christ. I pray that you have a blessed week. Know that I pray for each person who reads my blogs, no matter what subject. Happy Advent, Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year!



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