New Years Resolution 

It’s that time of year again. Everyone making a promise to themselves for the new upcoming year. Promises that are never kept, promises that will be broken in about a week. Promises that people will be on a diet, or go workout more, or be in a better mood. I always make a resolution to lose weight, which I am one of those people who only keeps the promise that first week. These past 2 years I didn’t make any promises because what’s the point in making a promise if I’m just gonna give up when I fall?

But this year I am really gonna work on my 4 promises. On Facebook I found a picture and on it, it says “8 Things To Give Up In 2015” but let’s just be honest, you can totally give these up any year at any time.

  1. Doubting yourself 
  2. Negative Talk
  3. Fear of Failure
  4. Criticizing yourself and others
  5. Negative self talk
  6. Procrastination 
  7. Fear of Success
  8. People Pleasing

I think these are something that everyone should give up or at least try. The world and society tells us things that aren’t right, weight being one of them. I recently saw a video on Favebook saying that France is banning “too skinny”model so. Now they are having plus size models and they have to be at least a BMI of 12 ( I believe ). Which is wonderful because then girls wouldn’t want to starve themselves to look like the “too skinny” models.

Doubting yourself is very common among teenagers. Most times you doubt yourself without even noticing you’re doing it. I think doubting yourself goes with all of them to a certain extent. They all coincide with each other. They are all big and in our society, so it’s good to realize that all negative thoughts and talking is not from God, it’s from satan.

Negative Swlf talk, people pleasing, and fear of failure are huge ones for new. I listen to the lies that satan and the people who don’t speak of God and I believe those lies. I love people pleasing and make people happy, no matter what’s, even if it doesn’t make me happy. I’ll do anything to make someone happy. if I would have changed my apperance, let’s say my hair to a color that isn’t really natural, and I know at least one person would say something mean, I would change it back to a more natural color that everyone likes. Fear of failure is big. If I start something and I know during the project or whatever I start, I’m gonna fail at some point or it gets too hard. I’ll quit and give up.

My resolutions for this coming year ( 2016 ) is to:

  1. Never give up – if I start something and I realize I’m gonna fail or do something wrong, I can’t give up. I have to keep going.
  2. Negative talking and negative self talking ( Criticizing yourself and others ) – they are all basically the same thing because if you aren’t suppose to talk badly about someone, you shouldn’t talk bad about yourself. Because you too are human, you’re a someone!
  3. Procrastination – don’t put anything ofd. Praying. daily responsibilities, etc. Do whatever when I think of it.
  4. and finally, NO PEOPLE PLEASING – I’m an adult now, I don’t have to make anyone happy but myself and God. If you don’t like whatever I’m doing, keep your comments to yourself! If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

My challenge for you this week and this upcoming year is to make your own promises and try your very best to keep them all year if not most of the year! and my prayer for you is that trough these promises you grow closer to Christ and deepen your relationship with  

  Him. God Bless you and your family this holiday season! 



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