I’m Clean!

As you may realize already, most of my blogs start out with “As I was listening to such and such song…” or “This song made me think of….” Well this one is no different so here goes nothing,

So I was making a playlist of worship songs so my best friend and I could go eno and worship Jesus just like we had done in the summer. We would go to the church, and in the woods area by the parking lot we would go up there, I would set up my eno, we would get in and talk and listen to music, and then, we would worship. This time we had a set playlist. I was then looking through my instagram and saw Natalie Grant’s photo and I instantly thought, Clean! The song Clean by her is amazing! So I texted my best friend telling her to look it up and she said she already knew the song so I instantly put it on our playlist.

After putting it on the playlist, I played the song and hit repeat. I had really listened to the words when I discovered it, but I hadn’t heard it in a while. Starting this new year, I was troubled by the fact that I had done some pretty lousy things in 2015 and to be honest felt guilty about them tremendously. Though I’ve gone to confession for them, I still had this guilty feeling in the pit of my stomach. “Why did I have to do that?” “I knew it was wrong, and I did it anyway. I’m so stupid” ( I know I’m working on positive self talk and calling myself stupid didn’t help. ) It was a great affirmation that even though I did all those lousy things, I asked for forgiveness from the Lord, and now I am washed clean.

Like the song says, “There’s nothing too dirty that You can’t make worthy, You wash me in mercy. I am clean.” Like before confession we are in a sense, covered in mud. Or as Katie Hartfiel described it at Steubenville Atlanta 2015, as we are a wrapped present and when we sin, we start to get unwrapped, but when we go to confession Jesus wraps us in new wrapping paper and we have no tears or rips, we are perfect with a bow on top of us.

In another part of the song, it says, “Washed in the blood of Your sacrifice, Your blood flowed red and made me white, My dirty rags are purified,I am clean” Knowing that Christ died on the Cross for your sins and mine so that we may be white as cloth, that we may be wiped away of our sins, that we would be made new. That we would be made Clean. Knowing that anyone could do anything; cheat on their significant other, have sex outside of marriage and getting pregnant, cutting, stealing, watching porn, etc. Like if you just go to confession and receive God’s Grace and Mercy, He whips your slate clean, He like forgets about it. How cool is God? To forget and forgive all our sins! When the world sits there and reminds you of all your sins and calls you names like a bad mom, or emo, or “You’re too skinny” or “You’re too fat”. While God calls you “My daughter/Son”, “Beloved” “Friend”.

My challenge for you this week is to go to confession and tell God all your sins. Even if you haven’t been in years, months, weeks, days, you can go. If you haven’t gone in a while and don’t remember what to do, tell the priest and he’ll guide you through it. Tell Him your current sins and if you have hide some sins, tell Him those, He won’t be mad. And my prayer for you is that you are able to be healed by God from any sin and/or wounds by going to confession and talking to a priest. You’re doing a good job! You are loved! You are worth it! You are good enough! Go You!! God Bless!!




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