Not MY will but YOUR WILL

My plan as a child was to always work with children. No matter what I did I would always work with kids. In kindergarten I wanted to be an allergy children’s doctor. Then as I got a little older I wanted to work in a daycare. Specifically my cousins daycare, because I knew I could get a job. My plan was to always succeed, to never make a mistake, and to be perfect.

My plan starting middle school was that I was gonna succeed tremendously in middle school. Be popular because it was a small town and I knew everyone. Because there were essentially 3 middle schools in my area and I went to all of them. I went to East side, West side and in the middle so I literally knew everyone. My plans were to get a boyfriend in 8th grade and to keep him all the way through high school and into college.

My plan for high school was to go into high school loving life. Making homecoming court, not necessarily winning queen but just being on court, same with prom court. To start working at my cousins daycare and fulfill my dream in working with kids. Working at this restaurant that the owners said when I was old enough I could work there. My religion was not even in my mind then. It was all about being popular, making myself look great, and not really having a care in the world.

That all drastically change when in the middle of my 8th grade year when we moved 5 states and 8-9 hours away. This was not part of my plan and I wasn’t having any of it. This was not how it was suppose to be, I wasn’t gonna have all the friends I planned on having going into high school. I wasn’t gonna be with the people who I’ve literally known since I was 5, when I played soccer for 6-7 years with, who I’d gone to school with since Kindergarten, who I’d literally done everything with since I got friends. Now I would be forced to make friends and go places I didn’t want to go to, and go to a school I didn’t know and didn’t want to go to. I wasn’t going to be the popular girl anymore, I most likely wasn’t going to make prom or homecoming court because everybody in Georgia would know each other since they were in elementary school. I had said before I moved that if I fife’t make friends within the first week of school, I wanted to be the loner kid. This was not part of the plan.

Things happened 100% completely different then what I had planed, it was basically the complete opposite of what I had planned. I was posed the question when asked what my plan was 5-10 years ago. “What were your plans 5-10 years ago?” she asked. I told her exactly what I just typed. And she then asked, “what if that wasn’t God’s plan for you all along?” Then I thought, I never once cared about my faith or God before I moved. Sure I went to church on Sundays, but after the hour or so mass, I couldn’t tell you one thing that happened. I couldn’t tell you what anything meant. The one thing I could tell you was that my mom made me go every Saturday night.

So maybe it wasn’t God’s plan for me to be popular, or be on prom or homecoming court ( not that it matters anyway ), or all the other stuff I planned. And looking back on my life now, I think I like the life I’m living better than what I’ve planned. It turned out that Georgia was probably a great thing for me, possibly the best. I got really into the faith that I absolutely love. I found things that I honestly love to do like photography, any kind of art, volunteering at the church that I grew to love. Literally because I didn’t even wanna come to the church I’m at now and I never in a million years wanted to come youth group, and now I never miss it!

My challenge for you this week is to surrender your plan to God, and try and see what His plan for you. What you should do in life whether it’s what you wanna major in or volunteering. My prayer for you this week is that you are able to surrender your plan and to have no anxiety about it. I know it’s hard to give up something you’ve dreamed of doing or it’s in arms reach, but I guarantee that it’s totally worth it! You are worth it! You are loved! You are amazing! You are doing a fabulous job!! God Bless!!




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