I will not be in want

A couple nights ago, the high school youth group had Decision Point. Decision Point is a night where we go to Mass, eat dinner, do some worshipping and have a keynote. Last night the talk was about abortion and contraceptions, the talk was given by Fr. Jack. I went in early to help set up chairs and to help out Jake with whatever he needed. I got done setting up the chairs and I sat there listening to the songs they were gonna sing during worship. I had to run home and get something, but I made it back in time for mass so I was unable to hear the last song. Which is kinda what this blog is gonna be about.

The song is called Twenty Three by Aaron Strumpel. I had never heard of the song. I was the person behind the sound booth changing the slides. When they started singing it, I changed the slide and looked at the lyrics. Jake had said that the whole song was on that one slide, and to pick a line and pray with that line. I actually had a few lines I was really drawn to. “Arise oh Lord lift up your eyes. Don’t forget I’m helpless.” and “No I will not be in want.” There was a part of the night when Jake said that he wanted us to repeat that line “No I will not be in want”.

As I went home and looked up the song, I had been addicted to it since I heard it. Repeating the words “Don’t forget I’m helpless. No I will not be in want.” I will not be in want. Then it hit me. We live in a world of people wanting. “I want an Xbox” “I want a new phone” “I want an A on this test”, etc. And then I thought, how many times a day do we say the phrase “I want…” How many times a day do we thank God for the things we do have? How many times a day do we appreciate the things we do have and not say that phrase “i want…”?

I know many times a day I would say that sentence. “I want sleep”, “I want to watch Pretty Little Liars”, “I want God to talk to me”, “I want to be happy”. To be honest, there wasn’t too many times where I would just want God when things would go wrong. I would only go to God when I would essentially get my way, or get what I want. When I would feel like the world was falling down around me all at once, that’s when I would be like “God where are you?” “Why aren’t you helping me?” I went to ABLAZE this past Sunday at my church, ABLAZE is an adult Faith Formation, and one thing Fr. Jack had said was “Saint John Paul II embraced his suffering. We focus on the weaknesses of ourselves and others.” I wondered what he meant by embracing. So I looked it up and on Google it says “Embraced: accept or support ( a belief, theory, or a change ) willingly and enthusiastically.”

So does that mean that I have to take my bad days and support them enthusiastically like I would if I was going to a concert? No. Does that mean that I have to be excited about my bad days or upsetting and uncomfortable situations? No. It means, in my opinion, that whatever situation comes your way, good or bad, you have to accept the situation for what it is. You have to take life and make it great! Sure, you will have bad days and fall, but you have to accept that we are all humans. We all make mistakes, you do, I do, your family does, your friends, even the Pope makes mistakes. But we have to be satisfied with knowing God loves us, wants the best for us and know He knows whats best for us.

After I heard that song, especially that line, I took my life and said, “I’m not gonna want anymore” at least not as often. It’s okay to want something or somethings. It’s normal. But it’s not okay to live your life just wanting thing after thing. Be at peace with what you have and know God is on your side.
My challenge for you this week is to go at least one whole day without saying the phrase “I want…”, instead say “God, thank You for what I have” and know that God is beaming down on you with delight. I know life is rough sometimes, but I know you can get through this. We just have to put our wants and desires with God, and trust that He will take care of them. His answers are never “no”, they are always, “yes”, “later”, and “I have something better”. I love you! You are good enough! You are the best you, you can be! You are loved and cared for by your Heavenly Father! You can get through this! God Bless!!




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