#Prolife Generation

January 22, is the 43rd anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is the court case about abortion. It was great to see all the people, young people mostly, going to Washington DC this week to go march in the March For Life. It was also great to see so many of my friends going to march. Why do we march? What’s so good about little tiny babies being killed in the mother’s womb?

We march because those babies are important too! They aren’t just a clump of cells, from the moment of conception, the tiny person inside the mother is in fact a baby. The baby’s heart starts beating at 6 weeks, you can hear and see that heartbeat if you have an early ultrasound exam. At 6 weeks the facial features begin to form ( eyes, mouth, nose, etc. ) At 8 weeks your tiny baby is forming arms and legs, 10 tiny fingers and 10 cute little toes. At 10 weeks the tiny person’s organs are starting to function, and the fingernails and toenails are forming. And at 11 weeks ( still in the first trimester ) your baby is full formed, meaning all the bones and organs are there, they just need time to grow. If your baby is born at 24 weeks, it could survive with medical help until the organs fully develop. Did you know at 20 weeks, the baby can feel pain? So if you do go in for an abortion, the baby can actually feel the needle going towards her as she tries to get away.

As I was in Mass today, Fr. Jack was talking about the March and my eyes drifted off over to this little girl ( maybe 1 years old ). She was giggling and carrying around her pink blankie around the pew, making people smile because she would just look at them and smile while her mother tried to get her back in the pew. I thought, who would want to kill such innocence? Who would want to kill something that brings so much joy to people? Then I tuned back into Fr. Jack’s homily, he said we are living in another Holocaust. The Holocaust of the Unborn. He even got choked up talking about it, everyone in the pews were crying.

If you are considering abortion, please don’t think that me, or any Catholics are judging you or anything. Just please know that there are other options. There are people, who can’t have their own children and people who want to adopt children, and yours will be adopted. You could always keep the child, because even if the child wasn’t planned, they would bring so much joy and happiness in your life.

A few years ago at youth group, a core member showed us this “video”. Its a video on Youtube, but you don’t watch it, you listen to it ( It’s called The Sound of Abortion, click HERE to go to the video ) and it’s this guy pouring BB pellets in a container for every war that the US was in. At the end he pours BB pellets for how many innocent lives have been lost by abortion since 1973 until he posted the video in 2010. And the number keeps growing. I still get chills listening to the video and I always get emotional by the fact that people are okay with killing innocent lives. Just think, you could be killing the President, or the Pope, someones boyfriend or girlfriend, or a priest or a nun. You never know.

Seeing all the pictures from the March for Life this year just made me jealous that I wasn’t able to go. The worship leader who was singing at the Mass in the morning I had met, his name is PJ Anderson. He released a song called Love will Heal ( Click HERE to go to the song ). I saw it on Instagram and I instantly fell in love. Talking about how Love will Heal the broken hearts, how we will fight for the right to life. How we are the voice for the unborn, for the ones who can’t speak up for themselves. How we will fight for this until we win the war for the unborn.

Let my ask you something, what is your reason for abortion? Is it because you didn’t want kids? Is it because you were ready to have a child? Is it because you are too young? Let me ask you another question, what did the baby inside of you do, to make you want to kill her? Was it because you didn’t want her at this moment? Let me tell you that, that child did nothing wrong. And if you think you aren’t ready for a child, you shouldn’t be having sex. Sex is a special and sacred thing that should only be given to your future husband! Just please, for the love of all things good, please if you are pregnant and feel like abortion is the only way to go, go talk to a counselor. Go to an adoption agency, talk to someone! Someone will take your child and raise it in a great home!

We march to try and win this war for the unborn. We march because we are passionate about saving lives. We march because every person is important, every person is a child of God. We march because innocent lives matter! “A person is a person, no matter how small” -Dr. Suess 

My challenge for you this weekend is to show that you are Prolife. Show everyone that this generation is the Prolife Generation! That we will not back down. That we will keep fighting and fighting until this holocaust is over. My prayer tonight is for the unborn, for the mothers who have had an abortion, that she may be healed from the experience and that she has learned that abortion isn’t an option, and I pray for the mothers who are considering abortion, that their hearts may turn to God and that they choose life. Because your mother chose life for you, why wouldn’t you choose life? God Bless!

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you, a prophet to the nations I appointed you.” -Jeremiah 1:5


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