Am I being a good Catholic during Lent?

I hope everyone is fantastic. This blog is just simply an update on how I’ve been doing since Lent started.

So Lent started a couple Wednesday’s ago. I was super scared because coming out of my comfort zone is scary stuff. Cause I’ve definitely been out of my comfort zone almost all Lent so far. I even asked God at the beginning of Lent to keep me out of my comfort zone. And the next day my best friend asked me if I wanted to go to a Vietnamese restaurant. I had never had Vietnamese before so it was definitely out of my comfort zone. And everyday not being on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter is so out of my comfort zone because that was the norm for me. I wake up at 7:45am and instantly check my notifications for all the social media I had. Now, I’ll be lucky if I get a text by when I get up.

But I feel like it’s challenged me to be with the Lord more. I mean, there’s only so many times you can play Temple Run, Coin Dozer, Tiny Wings and 2048. So when I get bored with playing games on my phone, what am I suppose to do. When I’m off of work and just want to sleep, what am I suppose to do between 3pm and bedtime?

I could go to daily mass when it’s available in the evening. I could journal about my day to the Lord. I could pray a rosary. Go to the Perpetual Adoration Chapel. The options are endless. But I can say that I haven’t been doing that. I haven’t been doing what I am suppose to. I haven’t been praying like I should be. I haven’t been journaling like I’ve been wanting to . I haven’t been doing really any of the spiritual things that I’ve wanted to. Maybe that’s because I’ve been too “busy”, which shouldn’t be an excuse because if I can make time for painting and/or Netflix then why can’t I make it to the Adoration Chapel to have a “date” with Jesus? Why can’t I take that 10-20 minutes to journal about my day? Why can’t I take 20-30 minutes to pray the rosary.

I recently found in my desk drawer the nail that was used on the retreat of my conversion, the blog for that is title ‘Can a single moment change a person’s life forever?’ and it made me think and contemplate what I experienced that weekend. Then it occurred to me that maybe this was God’s way of saying to me that I need to focus on The Crucifixion and why He died for me. When I would go into the sanctuary at our church I would look at the Crucifix and just focus on Christ’s body, His hands, His feet, how He looks frail, but I never once noticed His face. The expression He has, to see how sad He looks. After realizing that maybe God was telling me to focus on The Crucifixion, I began to suddenly notice His face. The sadden expression, the way His hair laid. I could image His hair hard a crusty from the dried blood. And I will talk about The Passion of Christ in another blog later on, but I had all these images in my head because I was no focusing on Him.

Writing this blog has made me realize how bad I was being at being Catholic during Lent. So I started saying Morning and Night Prayer, I started taking Holy Hours or Holy Half Hours ( which I took one about an hour ago ), I went to confession, I’ve been journaling and praying more. It’s made me realize that being Catholic isn’t about being perfect, it’s about having Faith and when you fall you get back up and try again.

My challenge for you this week is to take on something new. Go take a Holy Hour, go to confession, go journal about your feelings, go to something for God. Go on a date with God whether that’s going to mass, or taking that Holy Hour. My prayer for you this week is that you are having a wonderful and fruitful Lent. You are doing an amazing job! You are loved. You are enough! You can do this!! God Bless.




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