“It’ll get better” doesn’t make it better

To those sick of hearing, ‘it will get better,’

I get it, I really do. You’re tired. You’re exhausted. You just don’t know how much more you can take. You struggle to make it through each day. You fight hard for every single minute and you’re sick of fighting. You are at your end. You want to give up.

You feel done.

But there’s a voice inside your head, it’s a quiet voice. It tells you that things will get better.

You used to believe the voice. You used to believe all the voices in your life that told you your circumstances would improve. That was when you still had hope. When you could still see light.

But you’ve lost the hope. You watched the last little speck of it float away into the distance. It’s now out of reach and your world has turned dark.

The voice in your head is lying to you.

Your family and friends are all lying to you. They continue to tell you things will get better, as if they know something you don’t. They obviously are not listening to you. They clearly don’t see you.

You feel alone.

You feel scared.

You feel betrayed.

I too used to feel alone. I felt misunderstood. I felt like nobody saw me. I felt like if they were really listening, if they considered my circumstances, they would stop lying to me. But they didn’t. The people in my life continued to tell me that things would get better.

And you know what happened? Things didn’t get better.

Life continued to happen. Circumstances beyond my control continued to bring pain, discomfort, grief, and anger. So much anger.

But you know what got better? Me.

I got better.

I got better at handling life. I got better at accepting my circumstances. I got better at living despite the pain, despite the discomfort, and despite the grief. I got better at letting people in. At reaching out and asking for help.

And because I got better, I was less angry. I no longer felt alone. The fear that once paralyzed me, vanished. I felt like life got better because my reaction to life changed.
If you are reading this, thinking there is no way things could possibly get better, don’t give up yet. Hold on to even the smallest glimmer of hope. Because the truth is whatever you are going through might not get better. Things might stay the same. They might even get worse. Life will continue to happen.

But YOU will get better!

You are the hope.

You will get better at surviving the impossible. You will get better at living a life of acceptance. You will get better at thriving because of the pain. Because of the agony. Because of the devastation. You will get better despite your circumstance. You will get better because of your circumstance.

I know how tired you are. I know that life feels excruciatingly difficult. I know that things might not get better. But just hold on.

You will get better.

You will become stronger.

You will find peace again.

You will experience joy.

Just hold on…


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