Wasting time in traffic?

Traffic delays. Long commutes. Endless lines. We often consider the time we spend just waiting for somethingas time wasted. But it doesn’t have to be a waste.

The saints tell us to humbly and patiently accept the things that come to us from moment to moment as part of the providence of God.  All the moments that make up this gift called life are our opportunities to grow in holiness. One day we will have to give an account for how we spent each of them, including how we spent our time waiting for something else. How can we redeem this “wasted” time and give it back to God?

Think through your week and identify all the time you spend waiting – especially in traffic. You’ll probably find that it adds up to an awful lot of time. Then think of all the things that you would pray for more if you only had the time. Connect the time you spend waiting with the time you wish you had to pray more. They go together perfectly!

Here is an idea. Scan the news before you head out the door and make a mental list of every person and place in the world that needs some serious prayer that day.

There is a lot of prayer needed everywhere we turn.

(Pope Francis has been constantly warning us of late about the “globalization of indifference.” Praying about these things with greater diligence is how we will begin to overcome our indifference).

Then get in the car, turn off the radio, and pick up your rosary. Offer up all those intentions from around the world, and as many others as God lays on your heart, to the intercession of Our Lady using her most powerful weapon.

Then you’ll find that your commute turns from wasted time into one of the most spiritually productive parts of your day. And you will, in fact, be redeeming the time by turning it into your fight alongside Our Lady against all the evil going on in the world.

Because if Christians do not pray about these things, who will?



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