To those who are hurting: RISE UP

Today being the Super Bowl that the Falcons are playing in, I hear a lot of the phrase “Rise Up”. People screaming it, chanting it, I hear it while passing by a conversation at church, I hear it all day while working at Chick-fil-a the Saturday before the Super Bowl. I hear it everywhere. But there is a part of me that sees more than a phrase that the Falcons user football, I see it as encouragement. I see it as a challenge, as a dare.

This world is surrounded by negativity, pettiness, hostility, adversity, and distrust. There’s politics and religion and football that divides people because of opinions or beliefs. But the phrase “Rise Up”, it’s telling us to rise up from the pettiness, from the dishonesty, from the hatred. At times, I think that social media really brings us down. We have people who say horrible things to them through facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat, who are just bullying others. I once was reading an article about one of the moms on Teen Mom ( don’t judge I still watch it ) and though I don’t agree with what this mom did, I was taken aback by how mean everyone that commented on it was. Calling her horrible names and saying she was a bad mom.

Everyone makes mistakes, everyone is human. Humans naturally screw things up, make mistakes, make wrong decisions, and do crappy things. But that definitely does not mean you can go on social media, post their personal information that they thought was confidential with you, talk behind their back, or go on social media and bully them. It just shows how weak, petty, and horrible you are and shows how strong and classy the person you are doing it to is. To those people who have been the victim of social media bullying, emotional abuse from a “friend” or found out something you said in confidentiality was posted for the whole world to see, know that I know your pain and you can make it through it. It’s not the end of the world.

So RISE UP from the pettiness, from the hatred of this world. I think that’s also what Jesus tells us to do when he Rose up Lazarus. Lazarus had died before Jesus made it to his town. His 2 sisters were awaiting Jesus and when they saw Him they ran over sobbing saying he had already passed. Jesus told they to take Him to his tomb. Jesus went into the tomb and told Lazarus to Rise Up. Lazarus opened his eyes and was living again. Maybe that’s what Jesus is really telling in the story. When we feel “dead” inside because of the hurtful things of this world, of the temptations and craziness this world has to offer, He tells us to Rise and be above the hatred and hurt. He tells us to take our broken heart and give thanks. He tells us that when our heart breaks, His breaks and that we aren’t alone.

To all you, who are struggling now because of pettiness, because of hatred, and hard times, Rise Up because you got this! You can make the world great again and your opinions matter. YOU matter! You are a beautiful human being that deserves way more than you get. You deserve to be heard. So I challenge you; RISE UP I love you! I’m praying for you!


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