It’s frustrating. Looking back on how I looked when I was a freshman in high school to how I look now. It disgusts me. See how I was 110 pounds and where I’m at now, makes me nauseous.


I look back at pictures ( specifically the one at the bottom on the right ) and think of how skinny I was. “Look how thin your waist is”, “Geez Hayley, that was a size small shirt”, “What happened to you”, “No guy is gonna wanna date you”. So lets get in shape.


Countless things have gotten in the way of my weight. Moving, depression, things that have happened in high school. They are all things that shouldn’t be excuses for my health. Nothing should be an excuse. I should want to be healthy and care. I should want that bikini body and I should be so motivated to have it.


I’ve always wanted to wear that bikini or crop top or even the cut off shirts with a sports bra underneath, but always felt so insecure about my stomach that I wear oversized t-shirts like they are going out of style. I would be so insecure about my body and my weight that I would stop eating to lose weight, and when I wasn’t losing it fast enough I would eat with my emotions. I would get so frustrated from seeing girls on social media losing 7 pounds a week and I wasn’t losing any, that I would give up on exercise.


Not anymore. No more excuses! I have a few people, who when I’m not feeling like working out, they remind me that I will feel so much better afterwards. I have a few people who will life me up and will encourage me. My new modo from now on is no more excuses. There should not be any excuses for my weight, for school, or things I need to get done. I just gotta get up and do them.




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