Laughter, Tears, and Women’s Groups

I never thought I’d get it.

I never thought I would have people ask me to go hang out.

I never thought people would say great things about me that brought tears to my eyes.

High school was complete hell for me. Everyone said, “High school will be the best years of your life.”


They were the complete opposite.

No friends. Nobody saying “What are you doing Friday night?” “Hey let’s grab dinner” or something super cute like that.

I went through high school talking to 1 person. All 4 years. No hanging out. No texting. No dating. Nothing.

I got out of high school and still had no friends. It was a very lonely and dark time for me. I switched jobs and went to Chick-Fil-A and I think it’s one of many great decisions I’ve made within the past 5 months.

I only went to Chick-Fil-A because my best and only friend worked there. When I would visit her, it seemed like the people there were super nice and liked to work. I said why not, applied, got the job and dove head first. Though I’m working with mostly high schoolers, they are some of the most wisest, funniest, thoughtful, God-like people I’ve ever met.

I was suddenly being invited to places like dinner and women’s groups. I was completely shocked and didn’t know how to respond. I would then get down on myself and say “Oh. They are just asking me to come because I work with them. I’m not going.” Or I would make stupid excuses up like “Oh they probably already have their “group” of friends, they don’t want me there.”

Boi! Was I COMPLETELY wrong.

Tonight we had a meeting and I wasn’t feeling that great on going. I was in some pain, wasn’t feeling good about myself, going through some mental issues and just didn’t want to go. But I felt God calling me to go. “Alright God, I feel You pushing me to go. Let’s do this”

I get there, people vent and we start the bible study ( it’s more of a spiritually book study ) and we edited a question to “Name the strengths of your coworkers” and we all went around and gave everyone there strengths. Before getting to me I had anxiety. I said to myself “What the heck is anyone gonna say about me?” “I don’t have strengths” “Nobody is gonna talk when they get to me”

Much to my surprise, someone said “Alright Hayley” and people said the nicest things. I am an empath, I connect with people, I brighten people’s day (or shift), I’m fun to hang out with. Those were just some of the amazing things I heard about me tonight. I had never believed those things until this group of ladies said it.

I got in the car afterwards and sobbed. Sobbed because how could anyone find anything nice to say about me? I’m nothing special. But they thought of those, were eager to tell me and maybe, just maybe, it’s true.


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