To The Teacher That Inspired Me

High school was one of those things that I dreaded. In a world where rumors spread like wildfire and judgement might as well be a subject, it was hard for me to find enjoyment during those six hours. Walking from one class to another like a zombie, I was only happy when I was in that one teacher’s class. You know the one. The one that made class exciting and something to actually look forward to.

We all had that one teacher; the one that stood in front of the class and taught more than just the subject. Deep within the lesson was something that made you think. You caught yourself thinking about the previous class and wondering why you related to Daisy Buchanan so much—or why you thought your life was like a really long math problem because it simply did not make sense.

It’s hard to describe how this teacher inspired you because they probably don’t know that they did. All they did was their job. All they did was teach you what was required and test you on it. All they did was try to get you to understand something they already understood. This teacher was so much more than what they made themselves out to be.
Beyond the class itself, this teacher was known for being there to help you with anything or any problem. Like I said, high school was dreadful—full of stupid problems and drama that you thought was the end of your world. That teacher was there for you. They gave you advice and offered you their wisdom and understanding of the teenage world. (They were teenagers once, too. Weird, right?) They were a teacher that wasn’t limited to one subject. They did their job beyond what was necessary and taught you more than just how to solve for x and y.
How do you thank this person? How do you thank someone who inspired you when all they did was what they were supposed to do? High school goes by so fast, and we almost forget that the people there won’t be in our lives forever. That teacher won’t always be there to help you understand your favorite subject. Sometimes we are so keen to get out of there that we forget to thank them… or we just don’t know how.
This teacher was put in your life for a reason. They inspired you. Maybe they even helped you decide what career path you chose, or helped you decide on a college to go to. Maybe you’ll see them again one day when you’re older and graduated from college. You’ll maybe have a job in something that they once suggested you’d be good at. Maybe then you’ll be able to find the words to thank them. Even if you don’t, they’ll probably understand. They always did.


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